Over the last decade, fishermen, conservationists and government officials worked together to transform the way our fisheries are managed. Because of their hard work, overfishing in the United States is near an all-time low, and more than 100 species are now on the path to recovery.

Previously at-risk fisheries are coming back from the brink and many fishing communities are starting to see the economic benefits. It’s one of our nation’s greatest environmental achievements, and it should change the way we think about our seafood.

Eat These Fish! highlights twelve species that exemplify what happens when we shift to smarter fisheries management. They are representative of a growing list of sustainable, abundant and delicious American seafood that you should feel great about sourcing, preparing and consuming.

This campaign was created by the Environmental Defense Fund and promoted in partnership with the National Restaurant Association’s Conserve ProgramChefs Collaborative, FishChoice.com and other industry leaders. Our goal is to connect chefs, restaurateurs, retailers and consumers with the story of the comeback of our nation’s fisheries.

Just click on one of the fish on the homepage and you will find stories of recovery as told by fishermen as well as recipes and cooking tips from some of the nation’s top chefs. We hope you will be inspired to try these fish, learn more about American seafood, and become part of this movement.