A Different Look That Won’t Disappoint On Your Menu


Longnose skate are found on the sea floor from southern California all the way up to Alaska.  Their appearance with wings and a long, sharply pointed snout make them distinguishable among most other seafood options.

Although U.S. West Coast populations have declined since the 1900’s,  the stock is considered above management targets thanks to better management. It was MSC certified in 2014 along with several other species caught on the West Coast and was rated a “Best Choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program the same year.

Fishermen, regulators and conservationists, including Environmental Defense Fund, worked together to design a catch share plan that fishery managers adopted in 2008. It went into operation in 2011. Fishermen were central to helping determine sustainable catch limits and appropriate shares of the catch.

Skate has a mild flavor and tender texture, and is often compared to scallops. It is affordable and great for soups, but can be baked, poached, sauteed or fried. Raw meat is light beige to pink and turns off-white after cooking. Skate can be purchased skin-off wings or skin-on wings, fillets or whole. Due to state regulations aimed at protecting sharks, longnose skate can only be purchased whole form, not as wings, in California. In other states both whole and wings are available.
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