Sunfish vs Bluegill : How to Identify Different Species

bluegill vs sunfish

Oftentimes, people confuse Sunfish and Bluegill as the same type of species because of their similar resemblance. Even though there are similarities between these two species, there are also very clear distinctive features between them. From their natural habitats to their respective sizes, there are lots of subtle yet distinct differences between Sunfish and Bluegill. … Read more

Male Crab Vs Female Crab: How to Identify

Female Crab Vs Male Crab

Do you relish eating seafood? If the answer is a yes, then chances are, you love crabs. I most certainly do. These delicious crustaceans are loved all over the world for their savory flavors and high nutritional value. From crab cakes to fried crabs, there are a whole lot of ways you can enjoy them. … Read more

Best Crawfish Baits To Make Fishing More Fun!

best crawfish baits

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Waiting around for hours in your crawfish trap. Yet, you have no fortune whatsoever. Well, what should you blame here? Is it the lack of skill or a better bait for the crawfish? Whatever the case is, the best‌ ‌crawfish‌ ‌bait‌ will make things easier than anything. But, when it comes … Read more

Best Crawfish Traps | Reviews and Comparison-2021

Best Crawfish Traps

One of the most sought-after delicacies across the world happens to be Crawfish. It is a delicious crustacean freshwater fish resembling lobsters. It is a delicacy enjoyed by millions worldwide, from the Americas to the Asia-Pacific region. Crawfish are found in most bodies of freshwater including flowing rivers, lakes, ponds or even ditches. If you … Read more

Best Crab Pots & Traps For A Secure, Perfect Catch

best crab pots

If you haven’t waited for the perfect catch after you’ve left your crab pot in the water for hours then you won’t realize the pain! But, what makes it so difficult at catching these little creatures? Even though these creatures trap themselves in the pots, you’d still need to consider some factors. And, perhaps, choosing … Read more

Best Crawfish Cookers & Boilers Reviews in 2021

Best Crawfish Cookers

Do you remember that one backyard party you attended at your friend’s place where you loved gorging on tasty crawfish? The strong flavor and the savory taste of this seafood might have left you craving for more! You’re probably drooling over the sheer thought of eating those little crustaceans again! Well, you can easily satiate … Read more