Best Crawfish Traps | Reviews and Comparison-2021

Best Crawfish Traps

One of the most sought-after delicacies across the world happens to be Crawfish. It is a delicious crustacean freshwater fish resembling lobsters. It is a delicacy enjoyed by millions worldwide, from the Americas to the Asia-Pacific region. Crawfish are found in most bodies of freshwater including flowing rivers, lakes, ponds or even ditches. If you … Read more

Best Crab Pots & Traps For A Secure, Perfect Catch

best crab pots

If you haven’t waited for the perfect catch after you’ve left your crab pot in the water for hours then you won’t realize the pain! But, what makes it so difficult at catching these little creatures? Even though these creatures trap themselves in the pots, you’d still need to consider some factors. And, perhaps, choosing … Read more

Best Crawfish Cookers & Boilers Reviews in 2021

Best Crawfish Cookers

Do you remember that one backyard party you attended at your friend’s place where you loved gorging on tasty crawfish? The strong flavor and the savory taste of this seafood might have left you craving for more! You’re probably drooling over the sheer thought of eating those little crustaceans again! Well, you can easily satiate … Read more

Acadian Redfish : Back From The Brink And Ready For Your Menu.

Acadian Redfish

Acadian redfish is a slow-growing, slow-reproducing fish that is also known as ocean perch. It shouldn’t be confused with Gulf redfish, which are a type of drum. Acadian redfish numbers hit an all-time low in the mid-1980s. But under improved management the population has rebounded. Today, the species is under Sector management, a modified catch … Read more

Monkfish : Ugly But Delicious: “The Poor Man’s Lobster.”


After being declared overfished in 1999, fisheries managers adopted a number of conservation measures that led to monkfish, also called angler fish, being rebuilt in 2013.  After years of being red-listed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, the fishery was upgrade to “Good Alternative” in 2012. Current management measures include area closures, area … Read more

Chilipepper Rockfish : A Fun Name For A Fish You Can Do Anything With.

chilipepper rockfishs

Chilipepper Rockfish range from Baja California to British Columbia, though in the United States, most are landed along the central coast of California.  The fish has an elongated head that lacks spines, a protruding lower jaw and a distinct bright red-orange color. In 2000, the U.S. Pacific groundfish fishery, of which Chilipepper and some 90 … Read more

Atlantic Pollock : Once Unpopular But Now On The Rise

atlantic pollocks

In New England, the pollock fishery, once decimated by overfishing, is now managed sustainably and the population is healthy. This species is different from Alaskan pollock—but both are sustainable choices. Before the 1980s, Atlantic pollock were primarily harvested as bycatch. However, demand grew steadily, peaking in 1986. By 1994, the stock crashed due to overfishing. … Read more