Lingcod : A Real Value And Great For the Grill.


Despite the name, these fish aren’t actually cod at all – they are in the same group of fishes as sablefish, Pacific rockfish and scorpionfish. Found only on the West Coast, these bottom-dwellers can reach 5 feet and 80 pounds while living for more than 20 years. The population is now thriving, with stocks above target … Read more

Making the Deadliest Catch Less Deadly – and More Sustainable

Snow crab are caught in ice-cold Alaskan waters of the Bering Sea. Operating since the 1950’s, competition in the fishery intensified in the 1990’s and was declared overfished in 1999. The government tried to regulate fishing through short seasons, which created a derby or race to fish. Along with legendarily tough weather conditions, the race for fish … Read more

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